Phone Storage Sizing:

The Covert Clip wallets are designed to safely store phones up to the size of an iPhone 7 (being: height: 138.3 mm (5.44 inches) and width: 67.1mm (2.64 inches)). Phones that are bigger than this (like the iPhone 7 Plus model) do NOT fit into a Covert Clip wallet. 

Note that the Covert Clip wallets are designed to store BOTH a phone (up to iPhone 7 size) and a passport when travelling. 

No Need for Phone Cases Any More:

The beauty of storing your phone in a Covert Clip wallet is that you should NOT need a phone case any more. Your phone is safely stored in a Covert Clip wallet and then should be safely held in your hands when using it. 

We find the beauty of not having a plastic case is that you can use a phone as the phone designers intended: fully tactile and smooth to hold, and able to easily access the full screen face with your fingers (not constrained by plastic edges of a phone case preventing this). 

We do strongly recommend that you protect the glass face of your phone with a super strong screen protector. 

Easily Accessing Your Keys:

You can make it easier to access your individual keys stored in a Covert Clip wallet by attaching a string or plastic tie to them at your option.