Covert Clip Travel Wallet - For Her

As seen on Channel 4's "Buy It Now", arguably this is one of the best purses in the world! Here's why:

  1. Comfortably stores: a phone (up to iPhone X size), multiple bank cards, ID, cash, a passport and two keys;
  2. Designed to be pickpocket proof;
  3. Clips discretely and comfortably inside your trousers or
  4. Alternatively, each wallet comes with a (cut resistant) strap for wearing it over your shoulder or around your waist (with ladies very much in mind);
  5. RFID protection prevents fraudulent reading of your card or passport details;
  6. Designed for quick one-handed access to your phone and contactless payment card for easy payment options.
  7. Backed by our 12 month warranty


For women: If you're wearing jeans or leggings etc, then you too have the option of clipping a Covert Clip wallet inside your clothing. Alternatively, you can wear it strapped around your shoulder (with the wallet tucked under your arm), or belted around your waist attached in front of you. In all cases this is designed to make it safer to carry your essentials compared to being in a handbag or backpack (which thieves can typically access more easily).

Having a Covert Clip wallet will give you peace of mind that you'll have all your essentials with you at all times; whether visiting a crowded tourist attraction, dancing at a music festival, exercising in the gym, commuting on a busy train or bus, going for a jog, or just chilling out at home. 


Dimensions:   16.2cm x 11.1cm x 0.3 cm
Materials: PU leather and metal clips
Centre pocket for phone, an internal and external pocket for cards, cash and ID, two internal pockets for a key each, and an external pocket for cash and a passport.

Delivery and Refunds

Free first class signed-for (standard) shipping in the United Kingdom (UK).

Shipping by Next-Day delivery in the UK or anywhere outside the UK has an additional £5 shipping charge

 Video showing a Covert Clip wallet's use in the gym: 

Covert Clip Gym Video - For Her from Andrew Taylor on Vimeo.




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